A New Way to Showcase Your Stock Market Skills

If you are interested in the stock market, you might have wondered how to prove your abilities as an investor or a trader. How can you show others that you have what it takes to beat the market and make profitable predictions? How can you find out who are the best portfolio managers in the world and learn from them? has a solution for you: the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard is a unique feature of, a platform that provides quality information, education, and tools for retail traders. The Leaderboard is the first Proof-of-Prediction (POP) system that tracks and ranks users based on their stock market predictions.
How does it work? It’s simple: you just need to create an account on and start making predictions on any stock that you want. You can choose the direction (up or down), the percentage change, and the time frame of your prediction. For example, you can say that Apple (AAPL) will go up 5% by next Friday. Once you make a prediction, it will be recorded on the platform and displayed on the Leaderboard.
The Leaderboard shows all the predictions made by users, along with their current status (active or expired), their accuracy (correct or incorrect), and their score. The score is calculated based on a scoring system that rewards correct predictions and penalizes incorrect ones. The scoring system also takes into account factors such as difficulty level, popularity, volatility, and risk-reward ratio of each prediction.
The Leaderboard allows you to see how you rank among other users based on your score. You can also view detailed information about each prediction such as price when guessed, last updated price, movement percentage etc.
The Leaderboard is not only a fun way to test your skills and compete with others but also a valuable source of information and learning. You can follow other users who have high scores or similar interests as you and see what they are predicting. You can also get insights into what stocks are trending or popular among users and why they think so. You can also learn from other users’ comments and feedback on their predictions.
The Leaderboard is a dynamic feature that updates constantly as new predictions are made and old ones expire. You can always check back to see how your predictions are doing and how your score changes over time. You can also get notified when new predictions are made by users that you follow or when your predictions expire.
If you want to showcase your stock market skills and learn from others who share your passion for investing or trading then join today! It’s free to sign up and start making predictions! Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a community of smart traders who use’s tools and resources to improve their performance!
Visit the Leaderboard today!

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